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Tuesday 10 September 2019

Aadhar Address Proof

Registration of people is considered as the most important task in the management of the population. This helps the Government a lot in making policies for various sectors of the population. Apart from this, it is highly good for census verification and general elections in the country.
In India, Government uses aadhar card download to enroll people using its own established institute UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). UIDAI is now enrolling the India population using various permanent and private aadhar Centre. Aadhar is a unique 13 digit number that is issued to the applicant upon submission of relevant documents.

Aadhar is actually a bio-metric document that takes the applicant's fingerprints and Iris scan and save them into Government's database.  One of the misconceptions found in people regarding aadhar is that it is a replacement document for the password, PAN (permanent account number) and driving license. However, this is not true, as you still need PAN and driving license though you may have aadhar card. Aadhar is issued to the resident of India depending upon their biometric and demographic data.

At the time of application, the aadhar enrollment centre asks certain documents for Aadhar Address Proof. This is necessary and without address proof, UIDAI will not accept and process your application. So, you must carry the required documents before visiting the aadhar enrollment Centre.

Well before going to visit aadhar Centre, make sure you are aware of the approved documents for aadhar address proof. Otherwise, you have to come again and again for the application. There is no hard and fast rule to submit specific documents to proof your address. Any of the following documents can be used and accepted by the aadhar Centre:

Passport - It is your identity while you are outside India. However, UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) accepts this as valid Aadhar address proof. Normally, the staff at the Centre keep the scan copy of the passport and return it back to you.

Insurance Document - Your life insurance document is another important valid proof of your address. You can easily verify your address with this document in aadhar agency. Insurance normally covers 12 months duration for which you have to pay a premium in advance to the insurance company.

Bank Statement - Your bank statement properly stamped by the bank is also considered valid and people have successfully verified their address using this document. Please make sure, you carry the latest statement along with you and not an old one. We have seen people carrying 06 months old statement while applying for aadhar enrollment.

Voter ID - this is the card that you use to choose your favorite candidate for general elections or for Lok Sabha. The address mentioned on this card is considered valid as aadhar address proof. Please make sure that you supply the exact address at the time of application as mentioned in the Voter ID to avoid any chances of rejection.

Driving License – That permits you to drive the car in the state.

Arm’s License – That allows you to keep a license for your safety.