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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Aadhar Agency

The registration of the population is assumed to be the most important task of the Government of any country. Indian Government also takes a lot of interest in registering people from all parts of the country. Upon successful registration, the applicant is issued aadhar card status by which is a 12 digit unique number. By getting aadhar, you can enjoy various subsidies offered by the Government.
The overall task of enrollment is done via a Government-owned institution called UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). In order to fulfill the objectives of enrollment, UIDAI opened up various aadhar Centres throughout the country. These Aadhar Enrollment Centre can be private and permanent agencies.

Aadhar is your identity and contains all biodata about you. It has your name, address, mobile number, email, and other important information. In recent years, various complaints were launched for aadhar information dissemination to various marketing agencies. This is a breach of privacy and security of information. No respectful society can allow the use of one's personal information without his or her acceptance. The unlawful use of personal information could also give rise to fraudulent activities. That is why the Government may not afford this malicious activity to carry on.

Upon investigation, it comes to the knowledge of UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) that people's personal information gets leaked mainly from private aadhar agency to verify aadhar address proof. The private agency hire and fires staff on a regular basis. Quick staff turnover results in staff selling people's aadhar details to marketing companies such as credit card, auto car selling companies. The government of India has taken this matter very seriously and have planned to remove private agencies gradually from the system.

In order to foolproof the security & privacy of the Aadhar system, the Government is giving the right to the bank for registering their account holders. So that account holders can easily get enrolled in the system.

It is expected that by March 2019, numerous post offices & private banks will be authorized to offer aadhar enrollment Centre. This is to increase the role of private sectors in the benefit of Government & public. Currently, aadhar enrollment is currently at 87 % target that is why such a move from Government is to raise the level to 100 % in the near future.

The government believes that enrollment should be done at a low age level such as at the school level. In this regard, UIDAI has a plan in place to do aadhar enrollment in all nodal schools twice in a year. There is a Government requirement that children's bio-metric details must be updated at the age of 05 and 15 years. So, the school aadhar agency idea will work positively in the achieving of UIDAI's objectives.

In short, aadhar agency whether in the public sector or private sector plays a key role in delivering UIDAI (unique identification authority of India) aims & objectives. But the privacy of people's information is of vital importance that is why the Government is increasing the role of Government-owned aadhar agencies while reducing the private agencies from the system.