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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Lower Back Pain Right Side

In most of the homes, lower back pain is the most discussed topic. You will definitely find at least one individual in a home who is suffering from lower back pain. Lower back pain can be on the left side as well as on the right side. There is a number of reasons behind the lower back pain right side. As you may be aware that the majority of populations on the earth are right-handed, so people mostly imagine that due to excessive use of muscles of right ones are the main cause of right side pain. There is no empirical evidence of this thinking.

Lower back pain right side arises due to so many factors, which are as follows:

Kidney Infection

Often the most ignored pain is from kidneys infections. It is also called Pyelonephritis and spreads to the blood which puts a severe effect on your health. Bacteria get into the body from the skin found around the urethra and from there they move to the bladder. When bacteria escape bladder and move directly to kidneys, they cause infection. Women are more susceptible to kidney infections because they have shorter urethra that of men. Back pain, Nausea (you will be feeling the need to vomit with the uncomfortable condition), Vomiting, Pain while urinating, increased frequency of urination and Hematuria (blood in urine) are the common symptoms of kidney infections.

Kidney Stones

The kidney performs an important function of filtering waste and dangerous fluid from the body and keeps human blood healthy. Stones create so much pain in the kidneys. It is also called renal calculus. When the stone size increases to at least 3 millimeters, they cause obstacles in the passage of urine. Ultrasounds and urine tests are effective tool to identify the existence of stones in the kidneys. Stones may be Struvite stones, Calcium-containing stones, and Uric acid stones. As a precautionary measure, you should follow these steps:

a. Increase water intake, usually 2 liters per day
b. Keep vitamin C intake to less than 15 grams per day
c. Keep calcium intake of about 14-19 grams per day
d. Increase intake of cirrus foods such as orange juices and lemonade
e. Avoid or limit the taking of soft drinks

Lumbar Strain

Like wear and tear of machinery, the human body also gets affected by wear and tear. Damage to muscles like pull and tear of the muscle causes a lot of lower back pain right side. As an initial treatment, you can avoid doing activities which are the reasons for such pain. You can use ice cubes on the affected muscle if you are feeling swelling. This helps a lot and after applying ice on the affected part, you can apply some analgesic cream as well.

We have elaborated on the concept of lower back pain right side and the causes thereon in this article. Please stay tuned for the latest health-related articles; we usually update this blog two or three times a week. I am hopeful that you have enjoyed your stay here. Please do not forget to pass on your valuable comments!